Our Edutainment Programs

We are a team of edutainers who believes in preserving culture and craft, hence we are on a constant look out on traditional trades and masters to ensure that generations to come get to witness and when possible savour these oriental delicacies.

Since 2009, we have been collaborating with Singapore's authentic dragon's beard masters to create a series of awareness and edutainment programs.

You can now engage our authentic Dragon's Beard Candies team for your school's upcoming post-exams activities, and Celebrity Teacher Chen ZhaoJin can also be included to tell interactive stories on the legends and historical stories of our Nanyang Flavoured Dragon's Beard.

This is the first interactive program in Singapore where participants will get to see, hear and savour freshly made dragon's beard delicacies!

This Edutaining program is available in:

  1. Mandarin (with stories narrated by Teacher ZhaoJin)
  2. English (with stories narrated by Dragon's beard Master Roger Poon or Teacher Abigail)
  3. Educational worksheets activities for the above programs are available too.

Program fees start from $800 (for a classroom of 40 students) and $1,350 for a whole hall of students, including authentic dragon's beard samplings made from malt, for all student participants or at the range of activities that are based on your available budget. Find out more about their Live Station and Events here.

We also have other unique interactive and hands-on post examinations programs conducted by Teacher ZhaoJin, featuring his famous interactive story telling, combined with our artistic director's research on cultural and factual information, into each program. (Starting from $350* per class only! *Terms and Conditions apply).

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